Please provide the following information further in the inquiry

  1. The type of thread rolling machine
  2. All dimension of Flat Thread Rolling Die:
    Lm: Length of moving die
    Ls: Length of stationary die
    H: Depth
    B: Thickness
    θ: Holding Angle ( 0° or 5° )
  3. The rolling diameter will be according to our recommended specification, if no any requirement.
    (If possible, please provide us the drawing of workpiece)
  4. The required material and hardness of Flat Thread Rolling Die
  5. Please inform us if there is any special requirement.

Product Instruction

  1. Please keep flat thread rolling die parallel, and make sure the pitch is matching
  2. Please choose proper flat thread rolling die for the correct blank diameter
  3. Please use proper lubrication oil in the threading processes

Thread Rolling Die Information

T.R.D. Size

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